Monday, July 24, 2017

Getting Involved

No one could ever refer to me as a 'Gladys Kravitz'. I'm too busy spinning my own wheels. If people want turquoise painted tractor tire planters on each side of the driveway, fine. If they want to shoot heroin; just don't throw the leftover 'kit' in my yard (there have been and still are famous and high functioning addicts in the world).

The only thing that will make me rise out of my recliner is my, and my family's safety. Recently, new neighbors moved in next door and instead of using their driveway, they use a place that obstructs my view of traffic. I called the city, and being a 'cold call', I was blown off. After almost being in accidents twice in one week, I started to think how I could solve this dangerous situation.

Last year I went to a focus group about a park down the street. Locally known as "The Fuck Park" as this is where married men from the surrounding cities meet for anonymous sex. I went to this meeting not to complain about used condoms strewn everywhere but to preserve the natural and native habitat that some people want turn into another parking lot or small condo complex.

At this meeting, by chance, I sat next to the Assistant Chief of Police and he gave me his card. I suddenly had an Oprah Ah-Hah moment and then rooted through my sock drawer trying to find the policeman's card. I called him and he remembered me. I told him of my safety issue. The problem was solved in two hours!

So I've decided not so much to get involved in community affairs, but just be more visible at community functions. I went to the neighborhood association meeting last week. (What a pretentious lot that was!) I just need to be seen and recognized when I need assistance with something.

Make yourself visible!