Monday, April 3, 2017

The Genius

I love everything about this video. You see, it is very close to my life with "the genius". The cup and saucer on the piano, the deer  lamp on the low table in front of the window, the music/noise, and the stacks of papers and crap on every horizontal surface, the dust. This is how I (we) live. No, I am not  the genius in this video. Instead, I'm the dog that lets out a big yawn from exhaustion watching my other half spin his wheels. He is one of those people who has no internal time clock. He goes to bed - whenever. He sleeps a couple of hours and up he goes until the mood hits him to sleep again. That could be 24 to 36 hours later. Manic??? No, he just gets on a bead  that is very similar to Glenn Gould of the video above. He has done well and published nine books by every major university in the world.  He has no ego and completes a task to perfection for the joy of doing it. He could have been a monk! We've been together 29 years and still going strong. Not everything has been hunky dory, we've gone through rough times. But we love each other and there is still that sparkle that we get when we look in each of our eyes. I guess I can deal with the stacks of papers and going to bed at 5:45 am. After all, I've been doing it for over a quarter of a century.

I thought Glenn Gould recorded this partita on the harpsichord but I couldn't find it on the web. This video is classic Gould.


  1. 29 years is a long time; spouse and I will hit 25 years in october. whatever we couples are doing, we must be doing it right! many many more happy years to you and the genius!

  2. The Genius sounds like my type of person. Congratulations on gracing each other's lives for 29 years!

    Long looong ago - when I first heard some of Glenn Gould's recordings - I thought I heard him humming along with the music. I said - "No, that can't be possible."
    But it was indeed possible.
    He was deliciously unique.

    1. We are all unique. And I might add that I'm not the easiest person to live with either. (so I've been told)