Monday, April 10, 2017

It Brought Out The Bitch In Me!

I hate being ripped off! I hate the feeling of knowing I've being ripped off! About a month and a half ago, I sent my wrought iron patio furniture (four chairs and a table)  out to be professionally sand blasted, powder coated and painted. In Florida, things rust and deteriorate more rapidly due to humidity and sun strength (ie. thirty   year asphalt roofing  shingles last 15 years max).
The patio refinishing company which I was referred  asked me if I would email photos of the set and then they would quote me a price. I did as they asked. The price was $576. and it would take four to six weeks. OK. After four and a half weeks they called and told me my furniture was ready and would be delivered the next day. It was beautiful!
After three weeks of having the patio set I noticed rust. It had only rained once in three weeks and for ten minutes. I called them (Monday am) and told them about the rust (me thinking; ok, honest mistake, missed a spot or five), and they asked me to email photos of the rust. I did. The next morning (Tuesday am) the lady called me and said they would NOT redo the patio set and fix the rust. I told her I was stunned by what she was saying and was very upset that a reputable company would not stand behind their work. She said "I'm sorry". Knowing she wasn't the owner,  I said she would be upset too, if this would have happened to her for $576. Then hung up.
I first trashed them on Yelp. That didn't satisfy me ($576). I stewed and stewed and then I remembered  Trump giving out Lindsey Grahams cell phone number on TV  in the primaries. AHHHHHH........!!!!
I went to Facebook!  I posted the photos, the company name, phone number and email and asked friends/everyone on Facebook to voice their opinion directly to the company. This was Tuesday, at 4:00pm
The next morning, Wednesday at 9:02am, I got a phone call from the company (the same girl) saying "the boss has reconsidered" and will redo the work to the patio set.
Thursday 2pm, they have collected the patio set.

Power of social media.
Computer warfare.
Fighting back.


  1. fuck those twatwaffles! good for you to complain!

  2. I heartily applaud you for being persistent and bitchy. It infuriates me when anyone is ripped off.

    I am still plagued by nightmares (and unrelenting ANGER) at the fact that the movers "lost" many of my treasured possessions when I moved from Texas to Tennessee.

    1. Those who have known me for years on blogger know what a bitch I can be. Florida is a state loaded with grifters, that is why so many Russians live here.

      I don't know how I would react to loosing things that represent and remind me of my family and heritage.