Wednesday, February 22, 2017



Winter must be over as I saw my first African snail today. I don't know if that is the real name but that what the snails are called here . We also have Cuban lizards. I don't know if that is their real name either. And, the new RAT of South Florida are the Iguana. We  still do have rats , but the snakes keep them in check.

Back to the African snails,...they attach themselves to sides of buildings and ruin the paint. They do eat some plants but they have never been an issue for me. They are considered an unwanted problem/pest,  according to the agricultural department. If ducks were allowed, I'd give it a shot.

Back to winter,...I only had to wear long pants once this season and that was when we ate outside on The Drive and the temp was 68f. For here, that is chilly. Although it did get cooler one night and I put on a space heater for a couple of hours the next morning.

Back to the Iguanas,...Not a day goes by that I don't see at least one. They range in size for the little green ones people buy as pets,to about four and a half to five foot. Large enough to turn on and face off a medium size dog. The worst things about them is that they can eat your landscaping in one evening, and when it gets cold (low 40'sf) they go to your roof for warmth and if they don't make it and die, they rot on your roof. The smell is horrific. It is against the law to trap or kill them. Why??, I don't know.

Back to (Y)elvis,...he is so cute


  1. There are some snails attached to the side of my house, but I have no idea what kind they are. I was also surprised to see lizards here in TN. No Iguanas so far (*smile*).

    Spring can't come soon enough for me. I loathe winter.

    One of my cousins (now retired) just moved to Florida - after spending her entire life in New Jersey. She loves her new home.

    1. If she is this far south, you should come and visit. I could show you the sights! Do you think you can get in and out of a Miata with your back?

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    1. Yes! I'm a huge animal rights person. These ducks have a wonderful existence, and a job!