Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hillary, Cuba, and Halloween.

What a week! Hillary held a rally today two blocks from our house for the LGBT vote. It was only announced yesterday afternoon.  Not being a rally virgin we did not go, but we live streamed it on the computer. In North Carolina, we lived four blocks from where Bill Clinton stumped for Hillary in 2008. That was an ordeal. Blocks sealed off and it was out side on a school baseball field. You were not allowed to take an umbrella within a block of the rally. And, you waited for hours to see and hear him speak.
Today, The local news showed people in line at 5am for the 2:30pm rally. I'm sure it was electric at The Manor, but she still brought tears to my eyes thru the computer screen as she hit every gay issue that I've fought,  stood up for and don't  want to lose or compromise.
But , HILLARY HELD A RALLY AT A GAY BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been very fortunate in my life to be able to travel abroad. In my 40's, I went about every year. I hate the travel part but once I'm settled at my destination I'm fine. I'm like Charlotte Vale's mother from Now Voyager as I don't like to do touristy things. I just want to walk and mix with the people. Or, ride horses cross country or go to a garden show (I use to garden). My husband wants to spend hours and hours in museums studying paintings on the walls and ceilings. I getting off track.....

Cuba has always been a fascination for. So close, yet so far away. I saw a video of  Ballet Nacional de Cuba doing Don Quixote. I fell in love. So as much as I hate to travel, we are going to Cuba to see the ballet. Jet Blue starts daily nonstop service from Ft Lauderdale late in November. I have so many
points on my Jet Blue credit card that we both can fly for around $100 round trip. I have researched gay B&B's and other gay stuff. (I must support my brothers and sisters). While looking at dancing stuff (I want to learn the Bachata sensual) I came across this little Cuban boy. I don't think I have muscles where he does. hmmm.....

Tomorrow is Halloween which means we will be partying on The Drive with 20 to 30 thousand other  people. This my favorite night of the year. Pure happiness and fun. I'll take photos if I see some cool costumes.
(photo of Phil in Halloween mode)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hello Gorgeous!

The weather, I mean. We walked downtown last night for dinner and then stopped at a few 'haunts' on the way home. I was in need of a cannoli. My other half likes to speak Italian with the owners. The 'Drive' was loaded with couples holding hands, being affectionate, and being themselves. I did see one straight couple and the guy was squeezing the blood out of the girls hand in fear of being molested. Too funny. I guess even for a gay person new to the area it may seem strange being in a cafe with nothing but men. Thursday, I had blood work  done and there was only gay men in the waiting room.

Today, there is not a cloud in the sky and the humidity is low. The sun gave a bathing warmth that just felt fabulous. We took the Miata out and cruised along the beach. We saw the boys, and smelled the salt air and then went for a chocolate malt. Just a gorgeous day.

My last post got deleted. I must have hit a wrong button.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Matthew, Road Trip, Naples, and Phil

Having grown up Ft. Lauderdale, I have been through a few hurricanes. They are not to be taken lightly. There is a position (location) where a storm is in the Caribbean that makes me take exceptional notice. That position is when the storm passes below Puerto Rico and Jamaica. They always make a north turn and that puts Florida in the Path.
After seeing this graphical chart (above)  last Monday, and the hurricane being a category 4 with sustained winds of 140mph with gusts of 165mph , it was time to think about leaving.  The strongest hurricane I have gone through is a category 2 (115mph winds) back in the 1960's, and that was horrible.  Filling bathtubs with water and/or boiling water for two weeks in the heat without electricity. Plus downed power wires closing roads. And sand everywhere.

It was time to board up the cottage and go. I put the shutters up and then took pictures of interior and exterior of the cottage for insurance purposes. In Florida, you have to have a separate insurance policy for 'Wind' coverage. Example, If your house is damaged from the roof down from water, you are covered. If your house is damaged from the ground up from water, your not. That needs 'Flood' insurance. Of course then there is the home policy for fire, theft, etc.... The insurances add up and adjust to local.

I probably have an unhealthy relationship with this house (above). I've known it since 1953 and my family has owned it since 1968. I have only lived in it since 2013. Considered historic (for Florida) because of its construction. It is custom built from Slash Pine. Also known as Dade County Pine. It is totally opposite of what pine trees are like in the mid Atlantic. The wood is hard and dense and  99% termite proof. Finding craftsmen to work on the house is getting more difficult. I loved this house so much, that I built one identical to it (but in brick) in the country of NC on a couple of acres. Anyways, there are about six Dade County pine houses left that I know in this area. You do see a few in Key West that have been restored. This house is in original, new condition circa 1951.

I think I got off track! So,.... where to go to get away from hurricane Matthew. There is a town on the gulf coast which is a straight shot from Ft, Lauderdale across the state called Naples, about 140  miles . But!...Where to stay?

Monday night I started on the computer looking for 'pet friendly' hotels in Naples.  I started at the $150 dollar range-booked out. So then I went to the $120 dollar range-booked out , and on and on and on. Finally, I found a room for two nights for $67 dollars a night with a AAA discount. But for $67 dollars I was thinking it is probably in a slum with heroin addicts nodding off in parked cars and charcoal grills on the walkways outside the rooms.
SHOCK! The  place was gorgeous, brand new and three wonderful restaurants in the huge parking lot. I have only written one revue of a lodging place  on Trip Advisor but this place is getting a plug. Red Roof Inn and Suites. Pets welcome!

Now, on to Phil.

Trying to get Phil in crate is  what it was probably like putting someone in a medieval torture device back in the day of the  "oubliette". He screamed and moaned. Then we got him in the car. We hadn't gone a mile and he was making un-godly sounds that sounded like "o-u-t"  in a low baritone voice. Well, at the ten mile mark, he peed and crapped in the crate. But we soldiered on with the back windows cracked and the air conditioner cranked up.
When we got to the hotel, he hid under the covers for two days coming out only to eat and use the litter box. Totally freaked out.
Coming back to Ft Lauderdale, he was perfect. Quiet and didn't soil himself. (The little dahling.) We have been home two days and he is just starting to be his ole self. And, as luck would have it, Joseph (the man who has taken care of the lawn for decades) came and cleaned everything up in the yard. So we are all back to normal life in gay paradise.

Now, we can relax and watch the "Grab em by the pussy" debate.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

'a whisker first, and then a claw.'

The title of this post comes from a poem by Thomas Gray called 'Ode on The Death Of A Favourite Cat, Drowned In A Tub Of Goldfishes.'

When we came home to South Florida I wanted a pet companion while my other half was busy doing his thing. We've always had dogs and a couple of cats over the years, and the easiest was a cat. Example, when we would travel, a house sitter would be $500 for the dogs. A cat could be left for a weekend trip with little or no expense.

So I set on a mission to find a rescue adult cat that would pick me to give him a loving home. I think it is very important for the animal to choose you. I went to three 'No Kill' shelters looking for The One. At the third shelter, I walked into the cat room and this male tabby started talking at me and jumped into my arms and started kneading on me plus purring and slobbering on my shirt as I held like a mother does with a  baby being burped. Not to be a pushover, I left the shelter to go home and think about it. My other half did not know what I was up to and certain maneuvers had to be made to pull this off. (do I sound like Lucy Ricardo?)

Finally, I broke the news to my other half and said this is how it is going to be. He agreed on the stipulation that it had to be a lap cat. Well, after my second visit with my future friend, he was ready to come home to his new fabulous life of love and leisure. I had already made a vet check-up appointment before I went to pick him up. Only healthy cats would be accepted.


Phil made himself very much at home without any sulking or whining. However, he only dined (and dines) on tuna.Very picky. But his true talents lie in home decorating and interior design. This is an attribute that can be very costly. First he couldn't stand the window blinds, so two came down. Then, it was the shade of a mid century modern lamp (that had to be custom made to be replace) plus two other lamps shattered, and then on to the vases and paintings. Finally,  an antique mantle clock  pushed off a tall bookcase to the floor that shattered.

Phil on his scratching post in the living room. Notice the missing corner from the painting above him.

I am the only one who can hold him (in any fashion), because he will 'cut a bitch'.

This is Phil's normal position in the TV room. I get the upper half of the recliner, and he gets the lower half (or more).

This photo is of the two of us in our places for a typical evening. It's a good thing I'm limber!

I have never known an animal that retaliates for not getting their way or what the want. This is a typical example of what he does when you won't let him go out to the screened porch. He has gone thru the screen once.  These scratches are from a sneak attack from behind as I was walking away. He has only sent me to the doctor twice. One for bite, which was NOT out of meanness  but trying to get him away from a feral cat on the other side of the screened porch. The other, was a black eye when he cold cocked me with all his mite in my sleep wanting me to get my ass out of bed.

 Phil, getting ready for Halloween!

He is mine. My child, gifted, talented and he has a forever home. How lucky am I to have something so devoted and attached . I wouldn't trade him for the world.