Sunday, September 25, 2016

We are the Generation of Change.

When this Hellish election is over, I will return my full attention back to animal/human rights and equality causes worldwide. We in the US are censored to what is really going on in the world with  war and human rights. Does anyone remember the nightly TV news in the 60's and early 70's with film footage of bloody or dead soldiers in Vietnam? We reacted in the streets with protests and we made change with bringing the war to an end. But today, we see nothing. Beheadings, hangings, NUMEROUS people accused of being gay having their hands tied behind their backs and thrown from roof tops of buildings with a crowd waiting below holding rocks to stone the dying in the street.

The US created this Uganda situation with LGBT rights. Beginning way back with Ronald Reagan's buddy Anita Bryant and her International Ministries (now defunct), but carried forward by nut jobs like lawyer (and Rev) Scot Lively who went to Uganda and called all LGBTQ demons, monsters, pedophieles, and should be killed. Last month in Uganda, a gay event which people were doing a show and fashion in an auditorium was raided by police. The people were accused of having public sex, harassed, beaten and arrested.

I lived in South Florida during "The Anita Bryant Witch Hunts" days where she was not only after your job, but where you lived; "for the children". That is a large reason Wilton Manors Florida came to be the second largest gay community (per capita) in the US. We banded together for protection AND THEN reorganized and fought back! This year at the Stonewall Parade and Festival in Wilton Manors, we were 40,000 strong! Just Us!!

Today, fighting back can be done from your home via computer. My first taste of this was when I was in a group who succeeded in banning the chaining of dogs in the county I lived in. This got rid of a lot of dog fighting in the area as well. My last contribution was with a group who set out to deny a hate preacher (Andrew Stephenson) visa entrance to South Africa to spew his "death to the gays" garbage in that country. SUCCESS! I did not have anything to do with him not being allowed to fly through London to South  Africa, or his arrest and deportation from Botswana for his vitriol hate speech.

Every person should contribute. A better life is to be had.

and while your at it.....


Sunday, September 11, 2016


 I thought of Anne Marie with this video.

I regret never having gone to Burning Man. Actually, I had never heard of Burning Man until a few years ago. I would have fit in perfectly with many 'camps' there. Everyone who has been, afterwards says they are changed. I'd like to think that would not be the case for me (except for going nude in public), since I go to the beat of my own drum no matter where I am.

The 9/11 anniversary has everyone in different kind of mood today.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Digging Deep...

I am an armchair sports nut for tennis and yes MMA (I'm Irish). The US Open is on and after a week, my muscles are sore from gripping the chair arms and my stomach muscles are twisted in knots. I'm hoarse from yelling at my favorite hunky player for missing a shot! Sometimes you just have to take a break and breath in, then out. Breath in, breath out. OK, back to tennis for one more week.