Saturday, December 10, 2016

Who's Your Daddy?

Klaus Nomi made a huge splash in the world of performance art in the 1970's, that is still felt today. He influenced the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier and his 2003 collection dedicated to Mr Nomi. Then today there is Lady Ga Ga with her stage persona.

I love seeing and hearing new singers and performances of Mozart's The  Magic Flute. The two Queen Of The Night arias are a personal favorite. This version's make-up and hair smacks of influence (or is it theft) from Mr. Nomi. I did a double take and had  deja vu. Non the less, a beautifully staged and sung performance. I  met my husband at this opera  30 years ago.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Lost In Space

My husband and I went to the movies over the Thanksgiving holiday. I wanted to see a gay themed movie called "Moonlight" that has been getting rave revues. It's about a black man coming of age (out) .  I also watched a movie on the computer  from the gay section of Netflix called "Front Cover". It was also a good show.

I do not live under a rock, or in a cave, but, I came out of both of those movies needing an urban dictionary. As far as "Moonlight", I couldn't believe I live around and in the African American culture and be so out of it. I felt very sad there were things said I did not understand. Then "Front Cover" and I don't understand gay slang? WTF!!! I live in a gay city.

Terms to Google:

1. runnin' trap. or checkin' trap
2. Potato Queen

Believe it or not I heard #1 on Conan last nite and was pissed off HE knew what it was.

Another reason lunch out! Or find a new black friend.