Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Cost Of Equality

I have finally started to go out with less fear and looking back over my shoulder. I am still seriously  thinking about joining Pink Pistols. The minister from the gay church is the leader of the Ft Lauderdale chapter of the gun club. I drag my foot because of the violence element but if I'm on the receiving end, that is a different story.  I still only shop and eat in gay owned businesses. That is a lie, I've been to Pets Mart for 'Phil stuff'.

Being a card carrying Democrat, I've given money for the cause. But, I've also given to the ACLU, Lambda Legal, and a local group called Save. Oh, I forgot the donations to the no kill animal shelter . The only problem from the givin', is the gettin' - -  email. Oh well, it's only a push of a button to junk mail.

It has been gorgeous here. I've gone for drives with no purpose or destination with the top down just to let the warm drenching sun cover my face and shoulders. I've also  binge watched 'The Crown' on Netflix. It was really good and am looking forward to the next series . I've also joined a gay netflix type  movie site. It's called All different kinds of gay movies. That will keep me busy this winter.

Tomorrow which is Thanksgiving, we are going to a seafood restaurant on the ocean and take a walk out on the pier . Perhaps we will go watch the  movie Nocturnal Animals (at the gay cinema). It appears to be a thriller , suspense type movie that my husband will love.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Final Thought

I am old. I have fought many battles. Won some, lost many.  For me, my  life unfolded into blissful glee with a devoted husband and owning my own business. Both of which when in my twenties I never thought to obtain. So I savor the love and successes.

But those LGBT people born when I had gained visibility and somewhat respectability that I had to fight to achieve, only knew that as a base from which to build for the fight for equality. So I stood and fought some more. We made sizable leaps and bounds with the help and speed of social media. It was so very fast. So fast that the Democratic primary candidates of the 2008 election came to be interviewed on the LGBT TV station 'Logo'.  And, I will always tear up when I remember that a presidential candidate for the most powerful country in the world would come to a gay bar in MY gay community for MY gay vote. It will be with me for the rest of my life.

I do not worry about myself or my marital status, I think mainly about the parents and children of same sex families and their lives during the brutal adolescence years and their futures. I am concerned for the Lesbian, Gay and Transgendered military members and in other government offices of the US, and that includes  Ambassadors. The LGBT homeless youths rejected by their parents in the name of some god. LGBT elders who suffer from being alone and frightened to be themselves in nursing homes. All who's lives will be altered more by this coming presidency. To be stripped and degraded one law at a time , one state at a time , much like the way African slavery was legalized  in this country .

This presidency will not only affect ALL minorities and non caucasian people of the US, but around the globe. As someone once said,"When America sneezes, the world catches a cold". Be warned.
I am going to follow Jim Obergefell's suggestion and start by contributing to the ACLU, and then to my other  local gay rights organizations in Florida that I have supported and done some volunteer work for. We will get back what we put in. We must continue to fight for the quality of life of those who follow us in future generations. Help make it a better place for those of the next generation of LGBT people. 
Finally,  as LGBT people, WE are perfect and beautiful as my very first post's video points out.

el fin

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wicked Manors 2016

A few photos (mild) and a couple of 15 second videos from 'The Drive' last night. I slept in this morning and was a little sore dancing at all three venues. I tried to make my butt move like that Cuban kid at the Latin venue, but at my age I can't bend over, spread my legs and shake my butt at the same time without falling over. Maybe next year!