Friday, January 12, 2018

Peace, Love, and Fuck You!

My days are all screwed up. The Smart One has been taking Fridays and/or Mondays off because of too many built up vacation hours at work. It really messes with my routine. The only thing that remains constant is our Shithole President!

A couple of weeks ago, I had to call the computer guys at Comcast. I don't like doing it because I'm computer stupid and the Smart One handles those technical things. The man I spoke to had a very southern accent. In the conversation I made reference to the Smart One by saying 'my other half-he.., or I may have said husband. In any case this asshole's tone changed dramatically to the point where my tongue was bleeding. I was so taken aback by this encounter that a couple hours later at the bank, I said to this African American woman whom I was in a meeting , "I just experienced discrimination over the phone from Comcast". She said, "Oh, you can tell from the voice can't you.".

For two days I stewed and steamed over this experience and found via Google that Comcast donated $100,000 + to Roy Moore for Alabama Senate race. That was it! I told the Smart One to GET IT OUT! 

Four days later,...Direct TV.  Thank you very much.