Tuesday, June 25, 2019

1960s Remembrances


In a recent broadcast of Gay USA hosted by Andy Humm and Ann Northrop, they had an interview with someone who has TV/radio connections and was doing voice recordings of gay people who lived in the nineteen sixties (I am one). In this interview the man said he was collecting voice recordings of gay people's lives as it was then. The recordings would then be placed in the Library of Congress for eternity. ANYONE can do this the guy said.

A couple of days after the TV show, I stumbled on this Youtube video. It made me boil! The kid was tortured in his young life. Though it was never clear what the 'voices' were in the video, or what they were saying to him, the kid never stood a chance. Hell, I've heard voices, they would say; "I wonder how big his dick is?", or "I 'll bet he 's a top", whatever.... But the one thing he did mention was guilt. I've known guilt! We were taught being gay  is  wrong, SICK, and sinful. I felt all kinds of guilt not only for being gay, but for having a long term affair with a man who was/is married and I was close to the whole family. It was unbearable guilt for me as a teenager. I still have some guilt from that time. But whatayagona do. Life is life.

I always wondered what my life would have been like had I been born after 1972 when the AMA declared being gay was not a mental disorder.  But, I've always lived out and open (with consequences). Proud to be me.

The man who was interviewed also said that on June 28th, in conjunction with Youtube, there will be a video released for the public called "Before Stonewall Out Loud". Watch for it.