Monday, April 24, 2017

It's All The Rage


Friday was my birthday. TIA. It looked like it was going to be a boring day by going to get the car fixed (brake light replaced), and then meeting the guy who chemically cares for the lawn. But in the afternoon my best friend called and said "did you get it" and me answering "wha??" She sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and they were on the front porch. Had she not called, they would still be on the front porch as we never use the front entrance. How sweet of her. We normally don't do gifts but I had sent her three 'dirty' birthday cards the prior week. When we lived close, we always shared our birthdays in her bed watching movies and eating Kraft's Mac and Cheese and Easter Peeps (I know it sounds disgusting, but only one day a year we did this). But I guess she was feeling guilty about not sending a card so I received flowers. Dutch Iris and Stargazer lilies.

Then, I got a call from my clone! Yes it is unbelievable that there could be anyone in the world like me but John is in many ways. We met in 1982 at a house full of people. Our eyes met and he got my phone number from the home owner, and called me the next day. I thought he was hitting on me,but no. He said he felt like we had met before. He looked familiar to me ,too, but there have been so many men (joke). Come to find out we did have  much in common. We have the exact same birth date, the exact same initials, including middle, and we lived in the middle of nowhere within two miles of each other. I really can't say we are friends. We are more like brothers drawn to each other for some reason. We have had the same illnesses (prostate cancer), although we treated it differently. He is a Buddhist monk and goes to Brazil every summer to be treated by spirits that are channeled  in the jungle. I elected the 'knife' as my dad died a slow death from complications of the treatment for the same cancer. Back to John,....we connect three or four times a year. Birthday , various holidays, and sometimes just an urge. He still lives in the woods and leads meditation  and yoga retreats, but he is alone on major holidays usually by choice. So we talk and keep up with his goings on. He has been here at our house once but with his teaching at Duke and travel doing retreats and then Brazil, his time is limited. I did tell him I'm shaving my head now. He was delighted. Ha!

Back to my birthday, My husband took me out to dinner.  I elected grilled shrimp tacos *juice running down to your elbows* at this Mexican place I love. I also bought my traditional gift of expensive underwear. I buy them at gay owned shops that cater to gay men. I've stopped shopping at Macy's or Dillards because they sell Trump stuff. I just can't shop at a Trump store. That's My Protest! I'm lucky I have so many gay owned stores to choose to shop. I have every brand of designer briefs except one; a brand called 'Nasty Pig'. I keep thinking if I was in a car wreck and in the ER and was wearing them I could be roughed up and treated like an SM pig. But then again I might like it! Maybe next year.

Saturday, we continued my celebration with  brunch at the "Drag Yourself To Brunch" show at a local restaurant and bar.The place was jammed full of people. We had a ball and I ran out of dollar bills for stuffing down the performers bras. They work so hard to entertain, and the time it takes to apply all the makeup. Oh My.

After brunch, we stopped at a new used clothing store that supports no kill animal shelters. Lo and behold they had a cat room. Lots of kitties to be loved. I bought a pair of shorts.

I hope your weekend was as good as mine!

Monday, April 17, 2017

A Come T'Cheeses Meetin'

Phil has the Devil in him. Demons have overtaken him. Haints too! When I told the vet about his behavior, he told me to get a squirt bottle (Holy Water). I now keep squirt bottles in every room . Phil thinks the squirt bottles are fun. He   considers it a game like Dodge Ball as I'm running, squirting, and cursing  him while he's leaping the rafters overhead,  out-maneuvering  me, leaving  me winded from the chase. Evil I tell you. Just plain evil!

I have never seen a cat retaliate for not getting its way. If I won't let him out to the porch as is his want, he runs to his scratching post, scratches it vigorously five or six times in rage and them attacks me from behind as I'm walking away. These actions  have been tolerated too long. At first, I considered it rough play, but it isn't. It has now escalated to sneak attack biting. I've had four puncture wounds in the past three weeks. Satin has come to my house.

The last time he tried to bite, I grabbed him by the scruff and whacked Lucifer right out of him with a rolled up newspaper . His attitude and demeanor changed dramatically. I think he now knows who reigns. For a while anyways. The Lord works in mysterious ways.... 

Phil has returned to normal, being sweet and cuddly. Although I do have to spread my legs for him  now and again. "Love means never having to say you're sorry."

Monday, April 10, 2017

It Brought Out The Bitch In Me!

I hate being ripped off! I hate the feeling of knowing I've being ripped off! About a month and a half ago, I sent my wrought iron patio furniture (four chairs and a table)  out to be professionally sand blasted, powder coated and painted. In Florida, things rust and deteriorate more rapidly due to humidity and sun strength (ie. thirty   year asphalt roofing  shingles last 15 years max).
The patio refinishing company which I was referred  asked me if I would email photos of the set and then they would quote me a price. I did as they asked. The price was $576. and it would take four to six weeks. OK. After four and a half weeks they called and told me my furniture was ready and would be delivered the next day. It was beautiful!
After three weeks of having the patio set I noticed rust. It had only rained once in three weeks and for ten minutes. I called them (Monday am) and told them about the rust (me thinking; ok, honest mistake, missed a spot or five), and they asked me to email photos of the rust. I did. The next morning (Tuesday am) the lady called me and said they would NOT redo the patio set and fix the rust. I told her I was stunned by what she was saying and was very upset that a reputable company would not stand behind their work. She said "I'm sorry". Knowing she wasn't the owner,  I said she would be upset too, if this would have happened to her for $576. Then hung up.
I first trashed them on Yelp. That didn't satisfy me ($576). I stewed and stewed and then I remembered  Trump giving out Lindsey Grahams cell phone number on TV  in the primaries. AHHHHHH........!!!!
I went to Facebook!  I posted the photos, the company name, phone number and email and asked friends/everyone on Facebook to voice their opinion directly to the company. This was Tuesday, at 4:00pm
The next morning, Wednesday at 9:02am, I got a phone call from the company (the same girl) saying "the boss has reconsidered" and will redo the work to the patio set.
Thursday 2pm, they have collected the patio set.

Power of social media.
Computer warfare.
Fighting back.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Genius

I love everything about this video. You see, it is very close to my life with "the genius". The cup and saucer on the piano, the deer  lamp on the low table in front of the window, the music/noise, and the stacks of papers and crap on every horizontal surface, the dust. This is how I (we) live. No, I am not  the genius in this video. Instead, I'm the dog that lets out a big yawn from exhaustion watching my other half spin his wheels. He is one of those people who has no internal time clock. He goes to bed - whenever. He sleeps a couple of hours and up he goes until the mood hits him to sleep again. That could be 24 to 36 hours later. Manic??? No, he just gets on a bead  that is very similar to Glenn Gould of the video above. He has done well and published nine books by every major university in the world.  He has no ego and completes a task to perfection for the joy of doing it. He could have been a monk! We've been together 29 years and still going strong. Not everything has been hunky dory, we've gone through rough times. But we love each other and there is still that sparkle that we get when we look in each of our eyes. I guess I can deal with the stacks of papers and going to bed at 5:45 am. After all, I've been doing it for over a quarter of a century.

I thought Glenn Gould recorded this partita on the harpsichord but I couldn't find it on the web. This video is classic Gould.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Frogview Cottage

I was looking at a blog the other day, and a garden photo gave me a deep sense of deja vu. I haven't seen the following  photos for twelve years.

When I became tired of spending hours on a riding lawnmower and too old to show horses, we decided to move into town and downsize. The rage at the time was buying craftsman style bungalows and restoring them to their once glory. I loved this house, but I disliked intensely living in a snooty historic district. 
The bungalow was dated on the inside and had rot on the outside. The realtor who was a good friend said, "Jim, you do NOT want this house.". The minute I walked inside I knew I did want that house. It was relaxed, there was a flow, it had a sleepy feeling, and had a sense of warmth. I was so excited that I called my husband and told him I had found "the one".

We moved to the bungalow in the middle of winter. Actually, it was the 30th of December. I had just a couple of months to research everything bungalow. The best book that I bought was called "Outside The Bungalow". It mentioned how the bungalows always had roses and informal plantings to compliment the craftsman style.

Well, if one rose was good, then a hundred or so would be even better! I think my last count was a little over one hundred fifty roses alone. Under plantings of perennials and self sowing annuals are just as important and needed. Oh, lets not forget the bulbs.

I had an oil painting done of the photo above. Anyway, back in the early days of the PC, long before Google, there was a industrious librarian who listed and cross referenced online mail order gardening and plant  suppliers. She also rated them. It was so helpful. I had no idea so many companies mail ordered plants through a computer. I could even look at photos of what I was ordering. What fun!

Our  house was built in 1922. So keeping that in mind, there were no plantings on the property that came after  1922. What fun again! That meant heritage roses. Anyone who has never smelled an antique rose is truly missing out on a free luxury. Heavenly, intoxicating  perfume that you have a hard time pulling your face out of the bloom.

One year, we had our arms twisted by the (very proper) historic people to be on the garden tour. My husband said no way, but then they asked him to be on a committee  and that was that. I think I spent about two thousand dollars getting everything ready for the two day event. We even had a party for the volunteers after the second day of the tour. I had to touch up the paint on the house where needed to make it crisp, then order certain old fashioned annuals (I never used annuals unless they were self sowers) to dress and fill in holes here and there, I had to have everything mulched and I had to have a menu or diagram printed of the 4 gardens to be able to identify certain plants or varieties.

Each garden had a name.  "The Out Front",  "The Gaudy Garden",  "The Joyce Brown Side", and "Jesse's Yard" aka "The Outback". The photos  above and below are of The Joyce Brown Side. She was a bitchy old lady. On the Gaudy Garden side of the house, the lady was nice. She sold her 1829 house to an old couple who was just moving in. That is another story.

When we bought the house, the Out Back consisted of poison ivy , wisteria and English Ivy. The husband spent the first year in long sleeves and rubber gloves hand digging the unwanted weeds out. Through old time neighbors, we learned that the house originally had an outhouse. So I had one built and put in the same spot. It wasn't  real, It was for storage of lawn and garden equipment. But it would really catch people off guard when they turned a corner and saw it for the first time.

In the end, it got away from me.  What started with me passionately  tending alone ended with two experienced gardeners who came weekly and me everyday of course. It is funny to me that of all the beautiful and rare roses we had in the collection, I miss the larkspur and poppies the most. The plants that resowed themselves  and fed the birds. They came up differently every year; hundreds of them. So many that I would have to cull. It was a new garden every year. Spring was truly glorious.
We called the little bungalow Frogview Cottage. But actually, my husband and I are Frogview Cottage. The town doctor's wife who were our neighbors across the street emailed me a couple of weeks ago and said we were missed. That's nice.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Hands Down - The Best!

I love dance! It makes me move and wiggle in my seat to the music as I watch. Some of the groups I have seen are, Pilobolus, Paul Taylor and Alvin Ailey. All with The American Dance Festival in North Carolina.
I had hundreds of 'hits' on my last post. One, from Russia (if you are gay; be safe)! I read cyrillic, but can not write it on this computer.